A lotus stalk fabric for your clothing

In Burma, in the Inle Lake region and in Cambodia : I discovered that lotus farms cultivate the lotus stalk containing very long filaments, and make a lightweight, water-repellent and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

This fabric is obtained by waste (lotus stems) which is transformed into a textile, without any chemical or toxic product.

The filaments contained in the rods are assembled and then turned together to create a thread. 

The fiber of the stalks of the lotus flowers has been spun for over a thousand years. The task is difficult, but the fabric is incomparable. Of a grayish appearance, like a raw linen with irregular weaving , it is incredibly light and infroissable. Its properties and rarity make it an even more precious material than silk. 

As you will have noticed here, the working conditions of the Cambodian workers are very precarious, they sit all day. They are between 100 and 200 meters of wire a day and are paid about $5 a day. The country is still quite poor… with a still very rigid policy.The work of these workers deserves to be highlighted, especially since in ly research, the price of fabric per meter exceeds 300 dollars!

Different natural dyes can be applied to the final fabric :

Natural Dyes

Properties of this fabric :

  • Lightweight
  • Soft to the touch
  • Silky touch 
  • Particularly breathable
  • Tensile and tear strength makes it ideal for making dresses, jackets, tunics or sashes
  • Weight : 130 grams / metre (34 mummies)

Tips for use :

  • Hand washing
  • Do not Bleach 
  • Dry flat in shade 
  • Does not require iron 
  • Dry cleaning : petroleum solvent only 

Thank my friends Maxime and Coraliefor the news and the pictures – videos❤️

Lotus Flowers
Crucial step
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