Adopt the vegan jacket

What is a vegan jacket? 

It is an essential and a great classic for any self-respecting wardrobe: the leather jacket is a must-have piece to accompany any outfit. A sure thing, it is available in an infinite number of variations to satisfy the desires and styles of each and everyone. However, this emblematic piece is now at the centre of an environmental controversy.

Indeed, the production of classic leather, often from lamb, is synonymous with animal cruelty and deplorable ecological impact. Leather tanning, among other things, is part of one of the most toxic industries in the world, deeply polluting the water table. Brands and consumers are reacting and finding eco-responsible alternatives. That’s when the vegan jacket appeared. Cruelty-free, this must-have item takes on an even more respectable and trendy dimension.

Which vegan jacket to choose ? 

Opting for a vegan leather jacket does not detract from its chic look. It looks exactly like animal leather and is very original and fashionable. And, whatever your style, you’ll be spoilt for choice with perfectos, bikers, aviators, bombers or even trench coats. In colour or black for the more classic styles, slim or loose, tailored or oversized, women’s vegetable leather jackets are identical to classic leather jackets.

The only difference, and not the least, is its ethical and eco-responsible contribution for both the producer and the consumer. It’s a two-way relationship that highlights the trust and conviction of a collective awareness.

Ethical brands for a trendy vegan jacket 

Because it is not yet common to find a vegan jacket in shops, if you look, you will find it without hesitation! For example, you can invest in a vegan biker jacket, a great timeless item, from the brand Poétique. Assembled in France with 100% vegan eco-leather and a PET lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this vegan leather jacket will be your most faithful companion for many years!

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Biker jacket “Fleurs du mal” Poetic Brand

You can also look into buying recycled leather jackets by searching vintage shops to give a coat a second life for a more affordable price.

What are you waiting for to take the plunge and get yourself a vegan and eco-responsible leather jacket? Or even sneakers? Act with us for a collective ecological transition!

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