Apple leather : alternative 100% biodegradable

After the leather of pineapple, winehuman hair, here is an alternative that enters in the field of dream, because 100% biodegradable in nature : apple leather.
Today, 1/4 of the apple is wasted by the food industry.This is a company based in Copenhagen that turns apple waste into pulp and then into product.

Characteristics of apple leather :

  • Rigid to very flexible
  • vegan 
  • Potential effect : silky or rough
  • Cut/ sewn/ laser cut

This apple leather is very resistant and special attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the material.

crédits photos : The Apple girl

We transform waste into something new, valuable and useful by recycling the flows of ressources  in food production in an innovative technique to make biodegradable textile alternatives. HANNAH MICHAUD, FOUNDER OF APPLEGIRL

The latest Ethicity studies show that the primary concerns of the french are health and écology. This company recycles waste in a circular economy and provides added value by transforming apple residues into a finished product. Thus, the designer and the consumer become actors by buying an innovative and ecological product.

Applications areas 

This apple leather can be used in many areas : 

  • Toys
  • Packaging
  • Accessories – Jewelry
  • Clothing

It can ideally be a good alternative to the plastic of festival bracelets, for exemple.Other start’ Up work also in apple leather in Rotterdam (Holland):

Others companies have chosen to work fruit waste in the forms jewelry :

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