Avatars, a business opportunity for fashion brands

The digital transformation of fashion is accelerating. As part of these new digital ways to represent one’s brand online, virtual influencers and avatars are very popular and represent an innovation in the world of marketing and influence. This is a trend to watch closely that can become a real opportunity for fashion brands.

Fake virtual identities that influence in real life

Generated by software, avatars resemble human beings in every way thanks to an impressive realism. This is a key phenomenon both for Internet users who are influenced and for brands that benefit from the marketing craze of these fake identities. These avatars are malleable and can take any form to meet specific needs. However, they are most often found in human form and they even become real influencers. This is the case, for example, of the most famous avatar on Instagram, Miquela (@lilmiquela), who has more than 3 million followers and has become a real showcase for the biggest luxury brands around the world. 

Miquela avatar
Crédit Photo : Instagram de Miquela

We can also find Shudu (@shudu.gram) who is the virtual muse of the brand Balmain and she became known by wearing a lipstick of the Brand Fenty Beauty of Rihanna.

Shudu avatar virtuel de balmain

In the top 5 most famous avatars, we also have Noonoouri (@noonoouri) who is the muse of the brand Buccellati. She loves events related to luxury by taking over the instagram accounts of brands. In addition, she loves fashion and has become an influencer of it.

Noonoouri avatar
Crédit photo : Instagram de Noonoouri

Blawko (@blawko22) and Bermuda (@bermudaisbae) are the two friends of Miquela. They are also available for brands.

Blawko avatar
Crédit Photo : Instagram de Blawko
Bermuda avatar
Crédit Photo : Instagram de Bermuda

To finish the 5th avatar is Brenn (@brenn.gram), she was created with shapes in order to show diversity in the world of modeling and fashion. Unlike the others, she has few followers. She also works for big brands like Smart.

Brenn avatar
Crédit Photo : Instagram de Brenn

In addition to influencer avatars, another digital opportunity is available to brands: the personalized creation of avatars for marketing purposes. Just like Balmain, some brands offer to promote their product on avatars created from scratch especially for their marketing campaign. Thus, in addition to attracting curiosity, it highlights the digital innovation of the company.

Avatars Balmain
Crédit photo : Balmain

Avatars and digital fashion: an environmental opportunity

According to the first digital fashion house, The Fabricant, “the very idea of materiality seems outdated.” While “real” fashion represents one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world, virtual fashion generates the least environmental impact. This new principle makes it possible to wear clothes digitally, a concept that one might think useless and yet is starting to make its way. The brand’s first virtual dress was sold for no less than $9,500 at auction. This digital transition is creating an industry that produces less waste and a future of fashion rooted in digital.

Thus, avatars and digital fashion represent new opportunities for brands and fashion houses, both in terms of marketing and communication as well as the development of a new way of producing and consuming.

The fabricant x Puma
Crédit Photo : The fabricant x puma

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