Bee Saving Paper, the paper that makes sense

Bee saving paper

If you are looking for supports that make sense for your textile collections : here is what you could do to make the difference : a paper soaked in glucose to help save the bees , see for yourself :

This biodegradable packaging will help save bees, a species that has been on the verge of extinction since 2016, mainly because of the intensive use of pesticides.

A nice touch a poetry is added to this beautiful initiative : in addition to glucose, the paper Bee Saving Paper contains seeds of honey plants (nectar) very appreciated by bees. Once thrown on the road, the paper lets these beautiful flowers become new feeding points when they grow. The paper is also covered with water and UV paint invisible to the human eye but which bees see as a meadow full of pollen <3 <3

This paper could be used as packaging, label, card bag for your collections.

Paper packaging


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