Bio-inspired textiles : the snake garment


Bio-inspired textiles : when the designers of the threeASFOUR New York collective seize the 3D printer, it is to invent a second skin. Here, before your eyes, is a snake garment that adapts perfectly to the joints of the body. 

This textile is bio-inspired by sacred geometry and the animal world. The threeASFOUR have turned technology into a research tool to create harmony between humans and nature.

When we take inspiration from what is in nature, we talk about biomimicry. In our case, bio-inspired textiles. To give a simple definition, it is the way to be inspired by Nature, in order to find solutions to human problems. If you would like to know more about this topic, here is a first book : Biomimicry : When nature inspires sustainable innovations. The person who advised me is someone who is passionate about the subject. 

I want to talk more specifically about this bio-inspired pangolin scale outfit : 

ThreeASFOUR Textiles Bio-inspirés
ThreeASFOUR Bio-inspired Textiles, Picture credit ThreeASFOUR

This garment consists of a very mobile mixture, and in other places very fixed. This mixture must allow the wearer to walk, breathe or raise the arms. The garment is created and modeled in 3D printing. Then it’s sewn by hand. 

ThreeASFOUR Textiles Bio-inspirés
ThreeASFOUR Bio-inspired Textiles, Picture credit ThreeASFOUR
ThreeASFOUR Textiles Bio-inspirés
Picture credits ThreeASFOUR

What is surprising about this bio-inspired textile is the mixture between technologies such as 3D, and the ancestral know-how of sewing, by hand. 

This creation shows that Nature inspires fashion. Nature has a lot to teach us, it would be necessary for the creators to draw maximum inspiration from it. 

About the collective :

ThreeASFOUR is a trio of transnational artists based in New York who use fashion as their main medium. 

ThreeASFOUR is a collective created in 2005 by Gabriel Asfour (born in Lebanon), Angela Donhauser (born in the USSR) and Adi Gil (born in Israel). This collective has built a legacy of fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional crafts to create clothing at the intersection of fashion and art. 

Drawing its fundamental anesthetics from the universal languages of sacred geometry, threeASFOUR is dedicated to the creative exploration of the themes of consciousness and cultural coexistence.

In 2015, ThreeASFOUR received the National Design Award du Cooper-Hewitt / Smithsonian Museum .

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