Bonded leather : closed loop circuit

scraps leather

I discovered a regenerated leather that is made from leathers and skins from factories. Did you know ? It was a big surprise for me to learn that there was a way to use closed loop leathers to create a new surface ! 

regenerated leather
Picture credit : Commons.wikimedia

This waste from scrap leather and hides is ground and then kneaded with natural rubber, other companies also use latex and binders.The product obtained is of good strength and will have the same appearance as the uncounted leather, but you feel a difference to the touch. This manufacturing is closed loop, thus fitting into the CradleToCradle model. 

Bonded leather

“This leather is produced from production scraps, called “Bonded Leather”, or reconstituted leather. The basic material comes from the leather produced from production scraps, compressed and glued to virgin leather (which makes up the underside of this leather) thanks to a synthetic binder, then covered with polyurethane.” (Source : Eco TLC)

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