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What is a vegan bag?

While more and more consumers are asserting their desire to consume responsibly, leather goods is a sector where the notion of respect for the environment remains rather vague. The use of leather and other animal materials remains predominant. Cruelty-free alternatives are appearing and are gaining momentum. Vegan bags seem to be the perfect option for a more sustainable consumption and production.

But what do we mean by vegan leather goods? Cruelty-free bags can be made from several types of materials. Recycled and/or synthetic materials such as PVC or polyurethane leather (PU) or plant-based materials. Coming from materials like pineapple, apple or mushroom, these alternatives are natural. They are much less polluting than their counterparts of animal or synthetic origin.

Which brands offer vegan bags?

Today, many brands offer vegan bags. Just find below some of these brands that advocate a responsible production.

Matt & Nat is a Canadian leather goods brand, a contraction of Mat(t)erial and Nature. Their products are made of only vegan materials and their linings are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The aesthetic rendering is a real plus of the brand as they maintain a classic animal leather effect. Other vegan brands like Alexandra K offer luxury products with imitation animal leather such as python for a unique aesthetic.

Photo credits: Matt & Nat

Being eco-responsible concerns everyone: a young French influencer has launched her brand Unlock which offers luxury Vegan handbags, customizable. A successful bet since it allows to democratize this eco-responsible alternative to the youngest.

The 100% vegetable alternative is by far the one that comes closest to an eco-responsible and sustainable choice. Several brands offer bags made of pineapple leather, a flexible material that is both soft and robust. Camille (vegan bags) or Maravillas Bags have opted for this choice and make leather goods in pinatex. From the large tote bag to the clutch bag and many other accessories, pineapple leather represents a sustainable option for tomorrow’s leather goods.

Alexandra k
Photo credits: Alexandra K

Other brands, notably luxury brands, are going green with vegan handbags like those of Stella McCartney, whose designer admits that there is still a long way to go because even some vegan materials still have too large an ecological footprint.

Vegan bags give impetus to a more ecological mode of production and consumption. While alternatives such as PVC or PU have a significant environmental impact, vegan leathers stand out. Many brands wishing to produce responsible leather goods are appearing and highlight the desire to produce better.

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