Choosing vegan sneakers


Why buy vegan sneakers? 

And why not? Buying vegan shoes is an ecological, environmental and responsible commitment. Vegan sneakers are actually shoes that are made from plant-based materials. From the outer and inner soles to the upper, every part of the assembly can be designed ecologically.

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While a real awareness is spreading among fashion brands, from the smallest to the largest, vegan sneakers are on the rise. Made of pineapple leather or organic linen, they are trendy and compete with originality. The constant search for innovation has led to the creation of eco-leather and fake vegan leather that make you want to do something for the planet by consuming sustainably and responsibly.

Where to find vegan sneakers?

If you had preconceived ideas about vegan leather sneakers and the fact that they can’t be trendy, think again! Discover these brands that offer ethical shoes, some of which you already know.

The big brands are going green and Hugo Boss has launched a limited edition of vegan leather sneakers with “eco-responsible design”. Made from Piñatex®, an innovative vegan material derived from pineapple leaf fibers(internal link), these shoes have a low ecological footprint and blend elegantly with the brand’s signature look.


Other major brands such as Puma, Adidas or Dr. Martens produce limited series of vegan shoes, proving a willingness to meet the challenges of ecological transition. Adidas has also made a lot of talk during a collaboration with Stella McCartney where the brand had proposed a revisit of the legendary Stan Smith in vegan leather. Made of recycled polyester, they were victims of their success despite a high price of 280€.

New brands are emerging by specializing in the eco-leather sector. This is the case, for example, of the brand Veja, which has become a market leader in eco-responsible textiles. Transparent, with one pair out of four 100% vegan, the brand puts forward a real intention to do things differently. Preservation of natural resources, animal protection and improvement of working conditions are so many criteria today that speak to consumers and attract them.

Sneakers VEJA
Vegan sneakers by VEJA

Vegan sneakers represent a real innovation in the textile industry. So don’t hesitate any longer and take the plunge for a responsible and conscientious purchase.

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