Clothing made form corn


Here is an artificial fibre obtained from 100% renewable materials annually.

The process of obtaining this fibre is the result of a succession of steps, respectful of the environment, throughout its production chain.

This fiber is a green fiber of the future, especially since it is biodegradable and bio-compostable, and therefore does not raise waste disposal issues. We decide the following : 

Ingeo is an artificial fiber obtained by working the sugar contained in corn. The creation of this fiber is revolutionary and fits perfectly in this growing dynamic of looking for green solutions. 

Transformation steps 

Four steps are required to obtain this fiber : 

  • Fermentation 
  • Distillation 
  • Polymerization 
  • Extrusion

 Properties of the fiber

  • Biodegradable 
  • Strength and rigidity. Shiny cotton-like fibre
  • Absorption and removal of moisture and odors 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Can transform, cut, sew, print


This fiber can very well be used in textile clothing. It is used by Diesel in its collections.

fibre de mais

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