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On the occasion of the release of the new sneakers Veja (collection PE 2019), I propose you to decrypt the main material used for the manufacture of these sneakers : a canvas coated with C.W.L, an ecological material made up of corn waste ! 

Sneakers vegan? Decrypting ! 

The canvas is a canvas. This canvas is a fabric (simple weave), obtained from a mixture of linen and cotton. But let’s focus on the C.W.L coating : 

According to my research , this coating came from corn starch. Starch represents a significant proportion of the agricultural raw materials. So it’s largely waste from the food industry. Starch is found everywhere (corn, wheat, rice, cassava, potato, rhizomes and fruit). 

2020 Perspectives and Horizons for this Topic : 

Annual production in the European Union is around 6 million tonnes. Starch is used in many non-food industrial sectors :

  • The paper mill
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics 
  • Textiles

Moreover, in recent years, corn starch has become an interesting raw material for the production of bio based and biodegradable plastics, and that is where we are interested ! 

In 2021, the overall demand for bio based polymers is expected to grow to 6 million tonnes, or an annual growth of about 20%. If you are looking for alternatives to leathers, coating with corn starch will allow your shoes (or bags) to last over time. 

If Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion (co-funder and founder Veja) pass by, I congratulate them for the production of these sneakers, which further proves the innovation capacity of this company 😃

To follow up on this explanation, here are also other major brands that offer sneakers with cruelty-free materials. 

HUGO BOSS X PINATEX : This is a pineapple leaf sneaker with herbal dye, as well as recycled polyurethane soles. The small plus is that these pairs are sold in recycled and biodegradable paper boxes. 

The brand BANANA REPUBLIC develops complet cruelty-free outfits. MARKS AND SPENCER will launch in shoes without any products of animal origin in 2019. DOC MARTENS also offers vegan boots HERE. Not forgetting SUPERGA 🙂







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