Create a quality garment for your customers

How do you design a quality garment for your customers? What data should you take into account? How can you be convinced of the quality you are selling to your customers? And how can you prove it to them?

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This brand new online course brings together the basics of designing a quality garment for your customers. You will find a checklist to help you in your ethical sourcing with a focus on winter products: knitwear and jumpers.

In this online course :

In the first part, we will discuss the different materials with the advantages and disadvantages associated with each. Then we will look at environmental textile labels: What is behind Cradle To Cradle, or the GRS label (Global Recycled Standard). In this e-learning course, you will find simple and clear tips on how to recognise and create a good knitwear, a good quality jumper. We will discuss the quality of a recycled garment, with a focus on the jumper. Finally, my last tips for offering a quality garment to your customers.

You will receive :

  1. A voice-over video, where the presentation material is detailedstep by step
  2. A podcast
  3. A PDF

More about the author: Caroline Lejamble, Expert in Sustainable and Innovative Textiles

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A background in textiles:

After ten years spent exploring all stages of the textile value chain in central purchasing offices, through the supply chain, shops, purchasing, through quality and material traceability, Caroline created in 2017 GreenyBirdDress.

Helping and accompanying fashion brands, in their ecological transition through ethical sourcing and material innovation.

An ENSAIT education:

Graduated from ENSAIT, a textile engineering school in Hauts de France, in Management and Innovation in Fashion since 2016.

A strategic consultant and an operational asset :

Consulting on sourcing issues, product eco-design, and communication around sustainable development. Strategic audit and operational implementation of missions or eco-designed product POC.

Support for your CSR reflection in fashion:

Invited to a round table conference led by Sandra Wielfaert, an expert in purchasing and CSR, alongside Thomas Eberhard, Raphaël Hara and Caroline Mondon.

Passionate about innovative textiles <3

Since 2018, Greeny Bird Dress offers the only innovative textile workshops in France

A specialisation in the field of textile material traceability

Caroline traces the entire production chain, hunting for textile certifications and environmental labels, to better help you communicate with your customers in shop.

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