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GreenyBirdDress offers a set of services dedicated to supporting fashion actors in their ecological transition.

The origins of GreenyBirdDress

Founded in 2017 by Caroline Lejamble, GreenyBirdDress works with committed fashion actors to contribute to the transition towards a fashion that respects Man and Nature.

After having spent several years in the textile industry through the whole supply chain management, the observation is obvious: companies are reluctant to change their business model, employees are not trained to the issues around the circular economy, anti-waste of textiles and a lack of communication between departments on the subjects of ecological transition. This is where GreenyBirdDress starts, an entity that can help, inform, train, federate and create new products, for new uses and challenges.

“Matter is a means and not an end”.

Indeed, beyond the most incredible material discoveries, brands must work on their vision, raison d’être and objective, in order to better choose the materials and their impact on the environment.

To accompany you in your sustainable strategy

Today, GreenyBirdDress accompanies you for a more sustainable fashion with a dynamic team that wakes up every morning with the desire to transform a textile industry that needs it. Indeed, today the textile industry is the second most polluting sector in the world. It is the cause of many disastrous environmental and social consequences such as the disappearance of the Aral Sea, located in Central Asia, or the collapse of the Rana Plaza, in Bangladesh in 2013.

So how do we fight against these disasters? Starting at the beginning.

GreenyBirdDress’ work consists of finding, through sourcing skills and a network of key suppliers and partners, sustainable textiles and materials that will allow designers to design a fairer fashion. From the audit to a real proposal of solutions, we accompany you until the operational implementation of the projects. We also offer a series of conferences and workshops to inspire, train and unite your teams.

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We have trained with the best to share with you, all our knowledge!

Who are we really?

Committed agitators

Who want to accelerate the transition of fashion brands to action.

A collective of optimists

We work hand in hand with a network of committed partners, with specific skills, to better satisfy our customers and offer customized solutions.

Whistleblowers, message carriers

Who wish to share ideas, points of view and information on topics related to textile eco-design.

Project managers

Who are ready to meet the challenges of the ecological transition, whether in terms of materials sourcing, prototyping or product development.

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