Top 6 brands of ethical shoes


Because it’s not easy to find the right shoe for you while consuming responsibly, find the top ethical shoe brands in this article. Find the right pair of ethical and eco-responsible shoes for you!


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Offering vegan and ecological trainers was not enough for them. VEJA also wanted to offer good working conditions to its workers. This French eco-responsible brand offers models that are part of the current trend and are a real success with new responsible consumers. The brand with the famous big V has conquered the ethical market and democratised it. You will undoubtedly find a pair of trendy and ethical trainers that will make you happy in one of their many collections.

Minuit sur Terre

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Advocating the alliance between fashion and ethics, Minuit sur Terre is a French eco-responsible accessories brand. It offers shoes made without animal materials with the lowest possible environmental impact. The shoes are made locally with respect for the environment and for people. With elegant models ranging from sandals to trainers, moccasins or pumps, you will find something to dress up your outfit! The brand also offers shoes made of grape leather, a real exclusivity since this vegan material is still unknown in France!


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Are you looking for eco-friendly trainers? All-Birds offers the possibility to run better with eco-friendly trainers. They use environmentally friendly materials such as merino wool and recycled bottles. The products offered are also very qualitative. Their goal is to have a carbon footprint equal to zero, this brand of trainers provides a solution to consume better while being in top shape!


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The Spanish brand Ecoalf offers a wide range of chic and sleek products. Their trainers offer a real comfort to the feet with a trendy and dynamic design. The strong point of their ethical trainers? They use fabrics made from waste from the sea. Abandoned fishing nets and polluting plastic bottles are recovered. So they become ethical shoes.


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Umoja means “unity” in Swahili, emphasising the values of transparency and solidarity. These original shoes highlight traditional know-how mixed with modernity and innovation. Umoja offers shoes with characteristic geometric patterns. The materials are carefully chosen and produced locally by small communities of producers. This production allows the perpetuation of African craftsmanship while highlighting the potential of the region’s know-how.


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Are you looking for traditional Mexican shoes? Don’t hesitate and look for your happiness at Mapache. This brand values Mexican craftsmanship and allows local employment with a fair and equitable remuneration. These shoes, rich in authenticity and history, will make you happy. I chose a pair of PaloAlto in Gold (see in my FB post below) and I took a size below my usual size. For the next ones, I would choose the Alegre Tabac just to have the heels covered.

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