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Nearly 70% of French people wear glasses. This is a significant figure for a market where competition is fierce. However, some producers and opticians are doing well by offering eco-responsible glasses. With frames that are more innovative than the others, there is something for everyone. Defend the values you hold dear by choosing your next frame. If you are interested in the origin of manufacture, the composition or the ethics: you will find what you are looking for. In this article you will find a selection of recycled glasses and vegan glasses for an overview of what you could find.

Vegan glasses

Wooden glasses: Mou Company

In addition to offering ultra-trendy wooden glasses, the French brand offers a wide range of frames. With colours galore or timeless styles, between audacity and modernity, eco-responsibility has never been so attractive.

Wooden glasses: Mou Company
Photo credits: Mou Compagny

Glasses made of cork and bamboo: Parafina

A committed Spanish brand, Parafina has a great deal to offer. In addition to using plant-based materials, it offers affordable prices for greater accessibility. In addition to bamboo and cork, Parafina also offers eyewear frames made of nylon and recycled aluminium. To go the extra mile, the packaging is eco-responsible thanks to the use of recycled PVC.

Glasses made of cork and bamboo: Parafina
Photo credits: Parafina

Seashell glasses: Friendly Frenchy

Une idée de génie mise au point par deux entrepreneurs français. Les lunettes sont fabriquées avec une matière biosourcée innovante à base de coquillages. Moules, huîtres, coquilles Saint-Jacques ont ainsi une seconde vie. La marque, engagée, veille à travailler avec des artisans français pour un savoir-faire unique.

Seashell glasses: Friendly Frenchy
Photo credits : Friendly Frenchy

Recycled glasses
Eyeglasses made from household waste: W.R.Yuma

The Belgian brand attracts us with its glasses for sustainable fashion. Yuma is developing a zero waste manufacturing process using recycled waste from fridges, soda bottles and dashboards. It saves these materials from incineration: a true concept in the circular economy.

eglasses made from household waste: W.R.Yuma
Photo credit : W.R.Yuma

Recycled plastic glasses from the sea: Karun
Karun is the first brand in the world to design eyewear made from marine plastic waste. More precisely, the glasses are made from fishnet collected from the oceans near Chile. A brand with an impactful message focused on the preservation of nature.

Recycled plastic glasses from the sea: Karun
Photo credit : Karun

Biodegradable hair glasses: Hair Glasses
A real concept in its own right, as you will have understood! Hair glasses are an idea as far-fetched as it is ecological. After having recovered the falls of hair in salons and thanks to a resin containing plants, the hair glasses thus see the day.

Biodegradable hair glasses: Hair Glasses
Photo credit : HairGlasses

So, which eco-responsible glasses appeal to you the most in this selection?

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