Ethical and ecological brands for children

Designing responsible clothing for toddlers and young children can quickly become a headache. Our selection of ethical and ecological brands for children can help you find new ways to innovate. This article gathers brands that are thought and designed with respect for the planet, its workers and toddlers in mind.

Children’s clothing made from organic cotton

A timeless and unavoidable brand, Petit Bateau has been able to impose itself on the children’s textile market by having the strength to propose classic and durable collections while remaining in the era of time. With creative and timeless models, Petit Bateau is also a committed brand: among other things, it uses eco-friendly materials such as certified organic cotton, it has obtained the Oekotex label and it bets on a superior quality allowing to have a resistant and easy to maintain garment. In terms of its commitments, by 2025 the brand plans to be fully involved in the circular economy with a system of recycling, donating, repairing and even renting and reselling its clothes. The brand also plans to use 100% organically grown or recycled cotton.

Photo crédit : Petit Bateau

Specialized in childcare, Papate is a young French brand committed to a responsible and citizen approach. The brand offers unisex and non-genetic childcare products that it manufactures throughout France from GOTS certified organic cotton from Turkey. Thus, the brand offers a real alternative by limiting its carbon footprint with a limited distance travelled of its materials and products directly designed on the French territory.

Children’s clothing in the form of a subscription and a second-hand collection

Bonjour Maurice proposes to dress better with less. The French brand offers playful reversible children’s clothing, without front or back for more possibilities but also by leaving the choice thanks to a non-genre fashion. In terms of design, Bonjour Maurice clothes are made in Portugal from GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled materials and fabric scraps. The ultimate goal of the brand being to allow fashion to be both ethical and affordable, two innovative services have been set up. The first one allows the rental of children’s clothes via a box in order to have what you need for a whole season at a mini price and which can be freely composed. Finally, the brand offers the purchase of second hand clothes that are too small for others but at the right size for some: this has allowed the brand to post a 0% rate of unsold items, a feat in an industry with an average rate of around 30%.

photo crédit: website plumetis Magazine – brand Bonjour Maurice (reversible set)

Consuming clothes that last forever is a responsible and ecological act. The brand Perpète has understood this and has made it its main concept. By selling high quality children’s clothing, resistance is the major asset of the brand. This guarantee of quality includes the selection of responsible and thick materials such as GOTS organic cotton. In order to prove that children’s clothes, however overworked, can last a long time, the brand is committed to recovering clothes that have become too small, whether they are in good condition or not, in exchange for vouchers, and it takes care of the resale in second hand or upcycling of worn out pieces. Perpète offers the possibility to buy clothes via a box to compose, allowing to save up to 40%. The brand offers only one timeless collection that can be worn during all seasons and does not have sales because it offers a fair price directly.

Children’s clothing with ethical concepts

Eco-responsible e-shop, Nid de famille lists a selection of ethical brands that offer beautiful and good products for the little ones but also for the whole family. Favoring timeless products to do away with seasonal stocks and natural, organic, recycled or upcycled materials for an ecological and responsible approach, the e-shop takes its commitment to the end with recycled and/or recyclable packaging.

With a benevolent and warm universe thought around childhood, Ethique époque is an e-shop where ethics is at the center of its activity. Transparency, durable and timeless collections produced in small series, Ethique époque puts forward French designers answering a strict schedule of conditions: the products must be imagined in France, manufactured in Europe and made of natural and recycled materials. All products are labeled GOTS, Oekotex or FSC for more confidence and affirm the commitment of the store. When sending the Éthique époque orders, consumers are given the choice between recycled, recyclable and compostable packaging or Hipli reusable packaging, an innovative concept of French origin.

Photo crédit : website Ethique Epoque , brand Studio Bohème