Ethical fashion: the vegan or recycled belt


With vintage and second-hand products in vogue, companies are competing to give new life to abandoned products. For example, tyres and pipes are being recycled to create an accessory that no one can do without: the belt. The vegan belt is an eco-responsible alternative to the classic leather belt. Trendy and high quality, eco-responsible belts are an urgent choice for an ethical wardrobe.

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The vegan belt

Many ecological materials have been brought to light in the last few years in a concern for ecological transition. This is why some brands and stores offer vegan products. These products do not contain any trace of animal matter, neither in their design nor in the production process. Synthetic fibres are very popular because of their reasonable cost.Minuit sur Terre is a committed brand that offers a range of vegan accessories and shoes. Their vegan belts are made of Oeko-Tex certified synthetic fibres, guaranteed solvent-free. The company is very transparent and the traceability of the products is clear. While the fibres are made in northern Italy, the belts are made in a Portuguese workshop. A fair price is offered for an environmentally friendly product. Other eco-responsible materials can be used to make certified vegan belts. Plant-based materials can be alternatives to leather: beautiful wood and mushroom-based materials are very popular.

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The recycled belt

Other innovative concepts are emerging and competing with ingenuity to develop recycled belts. This is the case of the brand La vie est Belt, which has managed to make its voice heard. This French brand has had enormous success with its belts made from used bicycle tyres. This idea has enabled them to offer a wide range of eco-responsible belts, in every sense of the word. In addition to recycling tyres as the main material for its products, the company is socially committed. It works for the local employment of people with disabilities. What’s more, this little revolution offers a style and a trend of its own that we can endorse with our eyes closed.

So, what’s up? If you want to offer your customers a responsible way to consume, don’t hesitate to click on this link:

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