Fabric from the living : Biotechnology and textiles


Fabric from the living… yes, you’ve understood well !

Among the many alternatives available today, here is a description of one of the living fabric, which has proven its potential thanks to Susan Lee, who is a at the initiative of this new material.

Biofabrics from the tea kombucha strain 

Definition : biofrabric is a term chosen arbitrarily to designate fabrics made from bacteria.

By using a strain of kombucha (and its starter) and some ingredients that are directly in your kitchen, it is now possible to make its own fabrics. This is pretty amazing! 

Des tissus issu du vivant : Production de biofabrics à partir de souche de kombucha. Crédits Photos Open BioFabrics
Production of biofabrics from kombucha strain. Photos Credits Open fabrics

Everything is detailed on the site and the facebook page of the startup Open Bio Fabrics. The recipe and photos are in Open Source, under Creative Commons license. 

Biofabrics Once dried, the fabric can be dyed with vegetable dye.

Voici différents échantillons de fibre de cellulose bactérienne cultivés avec différents protocoles, ce qui leur confèrent un aspect unique à chacun! #kombucha #bioart #biodesign #biofabrics #bacterialcellulose #SCOBY
Here are different samples of bacteria cellulose fiber grown with different protocols, which give them an unique look to each one ! #kombucha #bioart #biodesign #biofabrics #bacterialcellulose #SCOBY  Photos credits Open BioFabrics

This revolutionary movement in the world of textiles was initiated by Susan Lee. Here is a picture of a jacket and bomber made with bacteria by Susan Lee (you cans also see at her TedEx on the subject).The transparency effect is obtained as a function of the gestation time of the bacterium in its liquid. The longer the bacterium is left in its liquid, the thicker the material will be.

BioCouture Jacket. Crédits Photos : Suzanne Lee
BioCouture Jacket. Photos Credits : Suzanne Lee 

See also :  Ted de Suzanne Lee

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