Fish leather: from waste to luxury product

Fish leather

To create and sell fish leather is to relaunch a sector that has disappeared in France on the principle of the circular economy, while remaining 100% natural. Here are all the promises of this leather, made in France since 2015 and on sale even for small quantities! This is very good news for designers who want to get it.

Recycling fish skins, which are thrown away, into leather. That’s the general idea!

Fish leather
Fish leather
The tanning of fish skins

To dye these leathers, after several researches, the suppliers of this material opted for crushed bark of mimosa. This process is 100% vegetable and natural.

Fish leather
Fish leather
Available fish leathers

Salmon, lavaret, mullet, sole, trout, sturgeon, julienne, sea bass, ray, conger eel: all fish skins can be transformed into fish leather.

Processing time: Between 8 and 15 days of tanning so that the skins metamorphose into a fish leather.


Many designers and brands have already worked with this leather. jewelry, shoes, wallets, cases … This material is very interesting to work. Here are some examples in pictures.

Market opportunities

Since the marketing of the first skin in January 2015 and after 3 years of research & development, here is a status report on this material. Here, the market opportunities are real:

  • 15 species of fish transformed into leather
  • 2 tons of fish skin waste recycled into leather
  • 100 artisans work with fish leather
  • 10 industrial suppliers of fish skin co-products

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