Hop dress: Fermented fashion

The hop dress

When bacteria, beer and a fermentation process come together to create a beautiful hop coat made from a new type of fabric. We’re entering the era of fermented fashion with beautiful illustrations below, and an explanatory video.


The patterns of the skirt recall the hops, and that the bustier is embellished with pearls to remind the bubbles of beer. It was designed by Donna Franklin and Gary Cass of the University of Western Australia. Gary Cass is currently in the midst of commercializing the material, and by the end of 2018, his material will be available for sale to designers and businesses.

Robe does not hops
Beer Dress
Hop dress
Sparkling Couture – Shasa Michaellr

Hop dressSparkling Couture – Shasa Michaellr

See this dress? It’s fresh, bubbly, and shows off women with its fitted bustier, and an exuberant puff of fabric for the skirt. It seems that this model is a model of fashionable designer, but this dress has a particularity. It is not produced by the usual textile manufacturing processes. The fabric did not come from a high-end Parisian store. This dress, comes from the beer.

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