How to care for your wool clothes?


Wool is an exceptional textile fibre. It provides unparalleled comfort and becomes our best ally during the winter cold snap. However, this natural animal fibre can easily deteriorate if you don’t know how to care for it. So how do you wash a wool garment without it shrinking or deteriorating?

The answer is in this article.

How do I wash a wool garment?

Just like cashmere, it is not easy to know how to care for and clean a wool garment. You have two choices: machine washing or hand washing. Both alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages.

Washing a wool garment by hand

Prepare a basin filled with lukewarm water at a maximum of 30°C and pour in special hand washing detergent for wool. You can replace the detergent with Marseille soap. Soak your woolen garment, turned inside out, in the basin for about 20 minutes and then lay it flat on the bottom of your shower. Press the fabric flat so that the excess water disappears, but do not wring it out as this will distort it. In a dry towel, roll it up and let it air dry. If a stain persists, rub it gently in the water, lathering the mixture slightly.

Washing a wool garment in the washing machine

Only use the modes designed for delicate laundry or wool. The wash temperature should not exceed 30°C and use a minimum spin speed. Once washed, do not spread it out or wring it out, lay it flat on a dry towel to air dry. Pilling may occur after machine washing, follow our next tips to remove it.

The essential steps to care for a wool garment

In order to care for a woollen jumper properly, for example, you will need to pamper it. The first step is brushing. Use a soft garment brush to remove unwanted elements that could cause stains or dull the garment with dust.

Woolen garments don’t like to be locked up. Whether it’s for odour control or to prevent garment distortion, don’t leave a wool garment rolled up in a ball under a pile of clothes in the back of the wardrobe. If you have woven wool clothes, hang them on a hanger in your wardrobe. If you have knitted wool clothes, you can fold them gently and put them in a drawer. They should also be left to rest so as not to damage their natural strength. Wear them more than 24 hours apart.

Lastly, if you have pilling, use a razor to remove it. There are many special anti-pilling razors. Finally, how do you remove wrinkles from a wool garment? Use a steam steamer, which removes wrinkles from the garment through its humidity.

Woolen garments can be worn for a very long time if you take care of them. They stand the test of time and it’s up to you to keep them looking their best. If you follow our tips, you will definitely succeed!

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