How to maintain your cork bag?


What is a cork bag?

Having a cork bag is choosing a quality accessory, eco-responsible and trendy. However, it is also maintenance. Before being able to maintain it it would be a question of knowing a little more about this material. Cork is a plant material from the cork oak. Its extraction allows the natural regeneration of the tree and does not harm its development. Resistant, light, biodegradable and suitable for sensitive skin, it represents a real ecological alternative. If you want to know more, find here our cork leather material sheet.

Naturally waterproof, it still requires care. Like all leather bags, it can easily deteriorate when scratched or exposed to adverse weather conditions.

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How to take care of your cork bag?

In order to maintain a cork bag, it seems obvious to avoid putting it in situations susceptible to deterioration. It is then necessary to avoid rubbing it on the ground and against surfaces at risk. Indeed, once scratched, it becomes difficult to repair the damage, so take care of it. It is a noble material from the bark of a tree.

As far as weather conditions are concerned, your cork bag should not fear bad weather. However, beware of prolonged exposure to the sun. Like all leather bags, the sun will tend to fade the color of your bag. Finally, if you notice that your bag has difficulty resisting humidity and rain, do not hesitate to use a textile waterproofing agent.


How to clean your cork bag?

From time to time, you should not hesitate to clean your bag so that it keeps its natural shine, as on the first day. This is especially true for light-colored cork bags, which have a tendency to get dirty.

To do this, simply use a soft cloth or sponge, clear water and preferably natural soap. Avoid cleaning products with chemical compositions. Then, slightly wet your cloth with water and soap, rub gently and your bag will be like new. It is not necessary to soak your bag, on the contrary.

Finally, you may be faced with situations where mold stains appear on your bag. Use an eraser or talcum powder on the moldy parts with the help of gloves. Let it penetrate and then clean your bag.

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