How to understand its transition to eco-responsibility?

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You wake up every morning with the feeling of not doing what really matters to you? And you’re sure things need to change. Think you’re alone? In fact, no, and current events prove it, such as the walk for Climate on december 8the Affair of the Centurythe Ethnicity studiesnot to mention Greta Thunberg’s speech at COP24. To help you in your quest for meaning, we have developed a roadmap :

  1. Follow Instagram accounts – Youtube on the theme of eco-responsibility and the circular economy : 

Fashion Revolution :

SloWeAre :

Sortez Tout Vert :

Circul’R :

  1. Watch videos and documentaries : 
  1. Growing : A long list is already here. You can also read : 

Demain, et après

Apres demain

Zero Plastique, zéro Toxique

Zéro plastique Zéro toxique
  1. Visit inspiring places :
  • La maison du Zero Déchet – The ouse of Zero waste
  • La recyclerie 
  • La textilerie – The textilery 
  • El Market
  • DayByDay – Naturalia – LaVieClaire – BioCoop
  • CD2E
  1. Participate in key events : 

6. Get involved in associations like Green Peace, Oxfam or Clean Walk. 

Finally, the most important thing to better understand your path towards eco-responsibility is to meet and exchange with people who have the same aspirations and values as you. You will surely make beautiful encounters that can give rise to beautiful collaborations and that will help you to fuel your future projects. 

Every initiative counts. The main thing is to go at your own pace and according to your desires. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly on our LinkedIn  Laurie and Caroline.

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