Human DNA leather: Leather made from hair

Human DNA leather: DNA-derived leather, extracted from human hair

Company PURE HUMAN SARL, England – Inventor: Tina Gorjanc

Will our skin ever be a fabric like any other? In England, Tina Gorjanc breaks a taboo by patenting a technique for making skin from an extract of human DNA. And what if the luxury industry took it over and sold us collections of bags made of human skin? Let’s discover together this human DNA leather:

It first extracts biological information from the source, namely human hair… Yes, you have understood well. Then, the fabric obtained is dyed to reveal and transformed into leather thanks to a technique of vegetable or chrome tanning (Info: I will soon make a file on vegetable tanning VS chrome tanning).

The final material can be used in a variety of products for commercialization.

The “Pure Human” project shows how tissue engineering, the manufacture of leather from human hair in the laboratory, is able to provide leather for the luxury market.

Obtaining a patent would allow “Pure Human” to extract DNA from human hair, incorporate it into stem cells, and make them develop through tissue engineering. Once the fabric is obtained, it will still have to be transformed into leather, which can then be marketed and used by the fashion industry.

“Pure Human” actually explores a legal loophole: it is forbidden to patent the genetic material itself, but a product can be patented from its information, as it is modified during the transformation process.

Hearing about leather made from human DNA may seem grotesque… While in reality, we do not hesitate to buy animal skin leather in stores.

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