Innovation: Freitag has launched the first 100% biodegradable jeans


Jeans that decompose naturally in nature? It’s possible! Freitag has made its mark by enriching its collection with the first jeans that feed the earth. The Swiss brand is no stranger to eco-responsible innovation: its famous bags made from recycled truck tarpaulins are a hit. Without further ado, let’s discover in detail this innovative garment made in Europe!

100% plant-based jeans

Freitag is proud to announce its commitment to ethical and ecological fashion. It is therefore only natural that its jeans should be so. Made from linen, hemp and modal fibres, these trousers are 100% vegetable-based. With an iconic five-pocket cut without rivets or nylon thread, the Freitag jeans are biodegradable. The buttons? A unique concept allows them to be unscrewed and reused at will. This makes the garment part of an innovative circular economy model: plant-based, it returns to the earth by being transformed into compost. These jeans have everything to win the hearts of eco-responsible consumers.

plant based
Photo credits: FREITAG

Local jeans made in Europe

Ecological and environmentally friendly trousers are already a small revolution. But it is even more so when they are produced locally in Europe. Freitag uses materials from fair trade European cultivation. Among other things, the linen comes from Normandy farms. In its identity, the brand highlights the history of denim trousers. Created in Europe, these trousers naturally return to their land of origin for a more innovative product than ever.

environmental friendly
Photo credits: FREITAG

Freitag: ecological and ethical clothing

In 1993, the Freitag brothers developed a bag made of recycled truck tarpaulin. This concept, which is now widely used, is the fruit of their work. Pioneers of this concept, they advocate a particular mindset that guides all their actions: “we think and act in circles”. In 2014, the Swiss company developed a new material in-house: F-ABRIC. Totally biodegradable, it is used in their jeans. In addition, always with a view to thinking and acting in circles, they decided to develop a holacratic management. Removing the traditional hierarchy and management, they work hand in hand with all their employees.

Photo credits: FREITAG

As well as being ahead of the curve in developing environmentally friendly textile products, Freitag is a state of mind in itself. The Swiss company advocates a circular and eco-responsible economy while innovating with an innovative holacratic management. Their biodegradable jeans represent the fruit of hard work and strong convictions.

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