Mushroom leather

Mushroom leather appears today as an essential material in the field of fashion and accessories. Indeed, this material answers many ecological criteria, while offering an aesthetic finish to textile creation and fashion accessories.

Description of the material

This mushroom leather consists of two textures : a very soft one, quite similar to the suede and another more rough, a bit like cork.This mushroom leather is actually a large mushroom called Phellinus ellipsoideus, which is a kind of large parasite mushroom that grows in nature and attacks trees in subtropicales forests.

Champignon Phellinus ellipsoideus
Phellinus ellipsoideus mushroom

This mushroom leather is 100% vegetal, this material can absorb moisture and release it quickly, like a fabric. However, this material isn’t waterproof in its natural form, but it can be treated with a natural wax to be water repellent.

Mushroom leather in a few key points :

  • Unique matter coming straight  from nature
  • Cruelty Free
  • Ethic
  • Two touches available ( soft or hard)
  • Différents colours
  • Oil Free


No toxic substance is used for the realization of this material, it’s why it can used in the realization of clothes or articles in direct contact with the skin. This new material has already used to make bags, belts,  watch straps and shoes soles.


All information concerning the assembly of this material is available in material data sheet. You can obtain directly on the website,  tab data sheet.


Several colors and roughness are achievable depending on the companies that manufacture the material.


All  prices and MOQ information is available in the material data sheet. You can obtain directly on the website,  tab data sheet.
 TED CONFERENCES  on the subject :

Data sheetIf you want more information, I invite you to go to the data sheet : Mushroom leather . You will find information about the material, and the suppliers, the details there :


Composition – Properties – Applications – Care – Touch & Look


Name – Address – Price – MOQ – Direct links to sample  purchasesYou can also visit my youtube channel :

The minute Material: Mushroom leather

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