New dyes from bacteria

Start-up PILI – We biofabricate living colors

The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. To try to remedy the ecological disaster caused by the mass consumption of clothes, a start-up proposes an alternative. Here are new dyes from bacteria!

The start-up Pili

is the cute name of this start-up that we will hear more and more in the next years. This start-up opens the doors of bio-chemistry, by offering dyes based on bacteria. The objective is to produce natural dyes, both renewable and competitive, as an alternative to petrochemical dyes. PILI takes on one of the most polluting industries, the dye industry!

Sources: PILI – We biofabricate living colors

Initially, the start-up Pili wanted to develop a 100% bio-sourced and biodegradable ink produced by bacteria:

Sources: PILI – We biofabricate living colors

Is it to diiiire? That is, the start-up wanted to put a bacterium in a pen. Then, give it sugar as food regularly, so that it can create a colored ink. Pretty crazy, right?

These bio-hackers go even further and propose ink workshops! The workshops are open to adults and children. The goal is not only to build a discussion but also to deconstruct the fantasies and fears associated with the laboratory and more particularly with micro-organisms, considered only as vectors of diseases .

Psst … PILI is currently raising funds, you can participate here! You can also follow its activity on

These little bacteria remind me of previous articles, like the beer or in wine, don’t hesitate to go and have a look.

Sources: PILI – We biofabricate living colors

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