Orange peel fabric and waste recycling

orange fiber


The orange peel Fabric : Transform food waste into a high quality material for fashion. The orange peel fabric amazes by its appearance and robustness.

To create an eco-responsible collection, here is a nice Italian alternative : the orange peel fabric. This fabric comes from waste and completely transformed to form an innovative fabric, very similar to silk. 

tissu en peau d'orange

Properties :

Exclusive, silky and impalpable. This fabric is designed to meet the demands of innovation and fashion durability. No concern about the strength of this alternative material.

tissu en peau d'orange

This fabric can be printed and colored like a traditional textile. Matte or shiny, it can be used in conjunction with other yarns, such as cotton or silk. It can also be used alone. 

tissu en peau d'orange
tissu en peau d'orange

Market opportunities :

 With 700,000 tons per year of citrus waste in Italy, eliminating it at a large environmental impact, and also at a certain cost. The raw material of  this company is therefore in huge quantities every year. which suggests a bright future for this fiber. 

This innovative textile inspires you? 

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