PooPooPaper, PooPooPaper, 100% biodegradable paper


Imagine paper without trees, chlorine, chemicals or bleach. Image paper without synthetic inks.

Have you guessed the main ingredient of this 100% biodegradable paper, with meets CradelToCradle requirements?

To help you find, here is a picture of the raw material : 

Raw material of PooPooPaper
Raw material of PooPooPaper

Straight from Thailand, I present you a paper that comes … elephants.

 Yes, because they are herbivorous, with an inefficient digestive system, the feces of these are mostly made up of fibers, which remain mostly intact. These fibers are collected thanks to several elephants, in the middle of a nature park in the north of Thailand.

The process of transformation consists in isolating all the fibres from the material, and discarding the remainder that will not be used for the making of the paper. At this stage, a pulpy mixture macerates for several hours. This mixture is then mixed with food dyes. 

The last step is to spread the mixture on large plates to form future sheets of paper. 

Finally, all graphics and drawings can be made with soya-based inks.


This material does not generate waste because the cuts are fed back into the next preparations. 

This small business specializes in paper manufacturing. A good idea for your business cards 😃

To go further, it would be possible to create your clothing packaging (boxes for in-store sales), and even the packaging of your products to prepare them for parcel shipments for example. The opportunities are multiple, just try. paper has a cardboard effect and looks robust. The original marketing argument and especially ZD (Zero waste) can hit the nail on the head.

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