Seaweed clothing with SeaCell™

After developing mushroom leather accessories and nettle clothing, companies in the textile industry are vying for ingenuity to develop new ecological fabrics. It is therefore no surprise that researchers have turned their attention to algae. These aquatic living organisms are known worldwide for their benefits. Discover this eco-responsible material and its many properties. 

SeaCell™: environmentally friendly production

Seaweed textile material, called SeaCell™, is a fiber similar to Lyocell. Enriched with seaweed powder, mainly from Iceland, It is created in an approach respectful of the environment and the human body. Indeed, the algae is a prime renewable natural resource.

Grown on responsible algoculture farms, the harvest is carried out through a sustainable process that respects its ecosystem. Only the regenerative part of the algae is collected. Thus , the plant regrows by itself without any difficulty.

After harvesting, the algae are dried in the open air and subsequently transformed into fibre. All this without any chemical treatment in order to preserve the biological properties with many benefits. The SeaCell™ is therefore an innovative 100% vegetable algae and cellulose fibre.

This material has a real guarantee of quality. Its efficiency and quality have been rewarded by international eco-responsible labels such as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.


Characteristics of seaweed clothing 

The texture of seaweed garments can be likened to that of Lyocell or Modal . The fabric itself does not emit any odor as one might think and allows good breathability of the skin. The main strength lies in the exchange of active ingredients between fibre and human skin. Thanks to the moisture of the latter, it is a real process of remineralization that takes place directly on our body in contact with seaweed clothing. Thus, the countless benefits of this organism come into action.

SeaCell™ Fiber : outstanding properties 

In addition to local and responsible production, seaweed clothing is a revolution. As mentioned above, in contact with the moisture of the skin, an exchange of active ingredients takes place. Seaweed fibre releases calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and the many minerals it contains, among other things. Thus, this fabric used to create tops and lingerie, for the moment, offers a living and natural protection. with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties that prevent itching and other irritations, this is a revolutionary fiber.

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