Sheet leather : Biodegradable and vegan

Today, I’m telling you about my latest discovery. After mushroom and apple leathers, a German company manufactures leather from leaves. And yes, you heard right : a sheet leather… And this product is as eco-friendly as design. 

The basic principle of the company is to create the best possible product, without harming the environment, while remaining fashionable and desirable. This is how the company obtains a clean and durable alternative to the current leathers : sheet leather. 

These manufacturers combine craftsmanship and natural materials to make the product more desirable, design and modern. 

Thus, this sheet leather represents a light alternative, durable, water resistant, antifungal and available in a range of fashionable colors. The leather is 95% natural and free of animal products. The product is completely biodegradable and organic. It has a ow environmental impact manufacturing process with a neutral carbon footprint. 

This product should appeal to vegans who want to offer products with the same properties as a leather, but without animals.  

I also saw a German company that makes 100% biodegradable plates from tree leaves. 

Made with glued sheets and then pressed together, these green plates are completely renewable and biodegradable since they decompose in just 28 days.

These plates are :

– Without synthetic additive 

– Without dye 

– Without glue 

A 100% green proposal, these plates offer resistance to water, and no need to cut trees to make them. Indeed, the German company only supplies itself in Asia and South America, where the leaves are used as ingredients but also as containers in which one eats. 

Nevertheless, these plates have a certain price : 

– 46€ for 100 plates 

– 53€ for 75 bowls 

– 34€ for 75 sushi trays 

Hoping that these products will become more popular in the years to come… In any case, it is a beautiful alternative that could one day be more accessible in terms of price if the supplier obtains a sufficient number of orders to achiever economies of scale. 

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