Textile in wine: When science meets fashion

Tissues from living organisms

When bacteria, wine and a fermentation process come together to create a new material in wine. We’re entering the era of fermented fashion with beautiful illustrations below.

wine dress
Wine color
Wine fabric
Wine bag
TIssu en vin
Wine shoes – Photo credits Vegea
Wine dress fabric wine
dress-wine-fermentation Photo credits Gary Cass
Description of the textile in wine

This wine textile is a biomaterial obtained from the processing of lignocellulose and oils contained in grape marc: a totally vegetable raw material composed of grape skins, stems and seeds from wine production.

This innovative biomaterial is compatible with all fashion and design applications to meet today’s environmental needs, and it is also cruelty-free.

The resulting material is a nonwoven that can be dyed and combined with other materials. Today, many accessories can be made with this material, such as headbands (photo below).

Fascinator made from Yellowglen sparkling wine
Market opportunities

From 26 billion liters of wine per year produced worldwide, 7 billion kilograms of grape marc can be used for a potential annual production of 3 billion square meters of this new textile.

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