The ecodesign product


For ten years, textile brands have been talking more and more about this concept. Let’s look at what it means exactly. 

The ecodesign

 Eco-design is about creating a product, or an increasingly environmentally friendly product offering. Eco-design consists of thinking about the end of life of the product from the beginning of the process of creating it. Eco-design also aims to integrate a conscientious and reasoned approach to the environment into the entire product value chain. Creating an eco-designed product means managing the product’s environmental footprint. To do this, it is necessary to perform the LCA of the product. You will find an article to better understand the LCA here.

The eco-design approach

Eco-design is part of a global approach that takes charge of the entire product life cycle form a circular economy perspective saving and recycling naturel resources to the maximum. I invite you to read CradleToCradle to better understand the issues involved this process. 

Steps where eco-design can be introduced :

  • Extraction of raw materials and supply
  • Production – Distribution of the product 
  • Use by the consumer – End of life (recovery and recycling) 

The main criteria taken into account : 

  • Consumption of raw materials and energy 
  • Discharges into the environment and other pollution
  • Climate and biodiversity impacts

As you can see, an eco-design approach does not engage all individuals, including the final consumer.

Eco-design initiatives in textiles and clothing : 

Atelier Gaelle Constantini

The Atelier Gaëlle Constantini decided to put simplicity and elegance at the heart of its creation, with the utopian and idealistic goal of reducing judgement and bringing exchanges back to the centre. This is why we worked on two permanent collections that will be expanded with 4 or 5 strong pieces each season. The fact is that the more we change the style of the dress as we propose it today, the faster we lose our identity. 

Picture Organic Clothing

From the design phase, we consider recyclability, second life and end of life of the products. Then, during the design phase, our designers choose the materials used, their quality and their performance. 

Hopaal : Le pull du Futur

Every action counts. Every piece of clothing has an impact. Dressing up is not an option, let’s do it right.

The Brand Wylde-Paris

Picture credit Wylde-Paris


At Cyrillus a team has mobilized to support and make this operation possible. Recycling is now part of our daily life. We especially wanted to thank our in-store teams, ambassadors for this great action and our partners for their commitment to us. Head of project Laurent PUSKARCZYK

La Gentle Factory

Every product from The Gentle Factory is a first step towards a more responsible world! A social approach that works with solidarity, but also environmental sectors through the use of natural, organic and recycled materials. 

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