The Linen Sector Made In France


As the world’s leading producer of linen, France has more than one trick up its sleeve. However, one thing leading to another, the weaving of this natural fibre has been relocated to China. This is why the French linen industry wants to promote a 100% made in France linen sector. This will attract new eco-responsible consumers and producers!

An ancestral French industry

Thanks to its ideal geographical location, the north of France has the right climatic conditions for growing flax. Indeed, the main flax production area in the world extends along the entire north-western coast of the country: from Calvados to the north of France. For thousands of years, France has been using this ecologically responsible textile fibre.
Moreover, flax is cultivated with the greatest respect for the environment. Requiring no phytosanitary products and no irrigation, this plant is a wonder of nature. Its fibre is biodegradable, resistant, light and has thermoregulatory properties.

A unique know-how

In France, the art of weaving is mastered in all its complexity. But this know-how has been threatened by major relocations. Although 50 to 60% of the world’s linen production is grown in France, 80% of this production is sent to China. As a result, weaving and garment manufacturing are mainly carried out abroad. This observation has prompted cooperatives to revive the French linen market and promote a local quality product.

Thus, a few specialised companies stand out on the market for linen made in France. Notably because of their age and ancestral know-how, such as Lemaitre Demeestre. Since 1835, the company has been offering very high quality weaving, the result of a craft mastery improved through many years of practice. From the selection of the fibres to the winding, combing and spinning, everything is done by the small hands of French craftsmen.

Thus, many mutual aid projects between weavers and French textile producers are born. All this in order to offer products that are 100% made in France and respectful of the environment.

Where to find eco-friendly linen clothing?

When the summer heat sets in, the unprecedented lightness and comfort of linen is all the rage. However, it is difficult to find ethical, eco-responsible linen produced and woven in France. It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to the labels and take a step back from the greenwashing of fast fashion brands. Turn to French brands such as Dao Davy, which has succeeded in producing 100% French linen jeans!

The Made In France linen sector is therefore facing many challenges. It is trying to bounce back from the almost total relocation of the weaver’s trade to China. But with its ancestral know-how and a very important local production, France has what it takes to offer a new production dynamic to this noble and natural textile fibre!

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