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On the occasion of the Fashion Green Week in the Lille metropolis, I realized an innovative textile workshop in the ethical fashion shop Coco Friendly and I met Juliette, editorial director at Leather Fashion. But let me tell you a little more…

It is a magazine that presents materials and know-how, portraits of personalities, eco-friendly brands, innovations… A gold mine if you are an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Since 2019, this magazine can promote your products and your brand, or enhance your services.

The article on materials 

My favorite article is the one on fish leather there we talk about Ictyos and Femer Peau Marine.

Kelly Locke bag made of tilapia
Kelly Locke bag made of tilapia fish leather with cycloid and smooth scales. Still unknown in Europe, it is among the most consumed fish in the world. 

I completely agree that marine leather is a material with a bright future. Besides what could be better than to give life to a material that is supposed to be thrown away. 

Beautiful colors, different contextures depending on the type of fish, all these sizes! A beautiful potential to create a brand of watch or leather goods.

The article that makes you want to buy

The one where we talk about SMART and sustainable brands

OTH with Recyc'leather
Next March, OTH will launch, in partnership with Recyc’Leather, a sneaker model made from leather scraps from garden gloves, destined for destruction.

Would you believe me if I told you that I didn’t know any of the fashion brands featured in this article! I am delighted to discover so many beautiful initiatives.

Recyc’Leather, Global Recycled Standard, recycled materials, vegetable tanning are the key words of this article.

Accompaniment in the creation of a brand

You will also find companies that accompany you in your creation process. Find for example the beautiful proposal of Muriel Chiariglione, who is specialized in the shoes and leather goods segment.

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