The menstrual panty revolution among lingerie brands


With the problems associated with single-use periodical products now under the spotlight, women are turning to other alternatives. On average, a woman will throw away between 100 kg and 150 kg of pads, tampons and applicators in her lifetime (1), which represents a budget of approximately €3,200 (2). In addition to being an ecological disaster, traditional intimate protection products raise health concerns. Their composition is clearly worrying. In 2018, the French national health security agency published a report highlighting the presence of endocrine disruptors such as pesticides and phthalates in tampons and sanitary towels (3).

After the boom of the menstrual cup a few years ago, it is now the turn of the menstrual panties to make news. Despite a purchase price that, at first glance, seems dissuasive (between €25 and €50), the boom in menstrual panties has only just begun. So much so that the big names in distribution have joined forces with certain brands to make them more widely available. Auchan and Monoprix offer Blooming menstrual panties. Monoprix is going even further by offering other brands such as Smoon (which had a partnership with ETAM in 2019) and Réjeanne (which had a collaboration with Darjeeling also in 2019).

Menstrual panties are now a real alternative to single-use sanitary protection. It offers several advantages:

On the ecological level : washable, they do not go into the bin after each use and can be reused for several years

On a health level : most brands use OEKO-TEX certified materials which certify the absence of toxic substances

Economically : a year’s worth of disposable protection costs around €90. For optimal use, it is recommended to use three pairs of panties, which cost an average of €30. After the first year, the expense is therefore worthwhile.

The special feature of the menstrual panties is the PUL material which is the anti-leakage part. PUL is a laminated polyurethane that is waterproof and breathable. The material is also resistant to washing. It can also be Oeko-Tex certified. It is therefore thanks to this material that we avoid having stains or that it penetrates our clothes.

In addition, menstrual panties are completely riding the wave of the body positive: the size range is very wide (in general, from 34 to 48) and the communication campaigns also go in this direction. Last but not least, some brands offer a range for teenagers, such as Bloomie loomieElia, and Smoon.

Ensemble ICONIC Blue Lagoon 2 culottes + 1 brassière - BLOOMIE LOOMIE
Photo credit: Bloomie Loomie website

Finally, the menstrual panties craze doesn’t end there. If you know the basics of sewing, then you can make your own panties. The Chouettekit website offers a sewing kit that allows you to make two pairs of menstrual panties for 32€. Again, it’s cost effective. The materials supplied are OEKO-TEX certified and the pattern was developed by Eclipse lingerie studio. Ready to start?

Selection of brands of menstrual pants


Wanting to create a product that helps women while respecting the environment was the goal in creating the menstrual panties by Smoon Lingerie. Periods, losses, bladder leakage and all the other joys of a woman’s life deserve an effective technical garment to deal with them without having to worry. Smoon is a committed brand that advocates innovation in lingerie to improve women’s comfort so that they can feel free. All the materials used come from France or Italy and are Oeko-Tex certified to guarantee the absence of chemical substances that are harmful to the human body. The panties are invisible thanks to a seamless technology and are available in several models to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Culotte Menstruelle ultra performante et confortable : SMOON
Photo Credit: Smoon website

Menstrual panties by Lemahieu

Part of the history of French textiles since 1947, Lemahieu manufactures responsible and timeless clothing and underwear in its workshops based in the Hauts-de-France. The brand supports the local economy, promotes artisanal know-how and advocates the following values: local, ethical and sustainable fashion. Living with the times, the brand has launched a collection of 3-in-1 organic menstrual panties: comfortable, invisible and durable. Lemahieu menstrual panties are available in a collection for women and one specially designed for teenagers. They protect against light to medium flow and their trendy design allows them to be worn outside periods as well.

They are made from organic cotton without nanoparticles, certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Origine France Garantie. With expert know-how, the Lemahieu period panties are lined with an absorbent, non-reversible fabric with an invisible seam: a discreet and healthy ecological alternative to traditional period protection.

Lemahieu - Culotte Menstruelle Bio - Rouge - Jules et Margot à Douai
Photo credit: Lemahieu website

My Holy

Made in France, ethical and exceptional: these are the words that define the brand My Holy. The brand’s menstrual panties are in line with current lingerie trends and offer the opportunity to consume less but better. Effective, they offer 12 hours of serenity at night or during the day, ecological, they are machine washable at 30°C, and economical, they are reusable for 3 to 5 years. In terms of composition and technicality, the panties are made up of a layer of organic cotton which is in direct contact with the skin, followed by a layer of tencel without nanoparticles which neutralises odours, among other things, and finally there is the anti-leakage layer made from Oeko-Tex certified pul (polyurethane laminate). The brand offers total transparency and does not hesitate to display production and logistics costs on its website to explain the right price. Payment is possible in 3 instalments without charge, allowing better accessibility to this type of product, which is totally profitable in the long term compared to spending on traditional protection such as sanitary towels or tampons.

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