Turn coffee grounds into an innovative and resistant textile!

Recycling your morning coffee may not seem that important to you. However, you could participate in the making of an eco-friendly jacket! Indeed, this is a great eco-responsible innovation that is part of a circular economy model: the S. Café®, a fabric made from recycled coffee grounds. 

Crédit photo : schoeffel

A new textile with an innovative eco-design 

Developed by the Taiwanese company Singtex Industrial, the process for creating S. Café® was patented in 2010. Café® was patented in 2010. Since then, many improvements have made it possible to create a fabric likely to interest all textile producers. This eco-responsible fiber offers an interesting alternative to synthetic textiles. S.Café® yarn is made of a polymer base to which coffee grounds are mixed to modify the characteristics of the filament. With a low temperature and high pressure process, the drying time can be 200% faster than cotton according to Singtex and saves a lot of energy during its manufacture. As part of a circular economy model, the company sources from global coffee giants like Starbucks.

The properties of recycled coffee grounds textile

This innovation in recycled materials offers many functional and fascinating properties. In particular, S. Café® yarns offer odor control characteristics, even after several days of activity, ideal for sportswear design. Once woven, they also offer UV protection and incredible drying speed. In addition, the pleasant feel of the fabric makes it easier to use when designing textiles.

Uses of recycled coffee grounds

Little known to the general public, this material has already conquered some major brands like The North Face, Puma or American Eagle. It is also the case of the brand Timberland which has made the jacket “Cycling Falmouth 61407”. With 16% of coffee grounds, this has allowed the creation of a waterproof, breathable, anti-UV and fast drying garment. Another example, the brand specializing in cycling clothing Louis Garneau has created cycling pants made of 62% S. Café® fiber. Café® fiber. The uses of this environmentally friendly fiber are not limited to sports, but also extend to the lingerie, bedding and footwear sectors. 

In the near future, this smart, eco-friendly fiber could become the new standard and as indispensable as your morning coffee!

Crédit photo : écolopop / Cycling Falmouth 61407 de Timberland

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