What is GOTS certification?

GOTS certification

The GOTS label, which stands for Global Organic Standard, guarantees the organic nature of a textile product. Mainly used for cotton and linen products, this certification is a worldwide reference for the evaluation of organic fibres. In addition to environmental criteria, GOTS certification can only be awarded if strict pre-defined criteria are met in terms of working conditions and toxicity of the garment.

Environmental criteria for GOTS certification

In order to obtain GOTS certification, certain strict environmental conditions must be met. The label covers all stages of the chain, without exception: from the harvesting of the raw materials to the final sewing and labelling of the garment. At least 95% organic, no fertilisers or chemicals must have been used. The certification also requires, among other things, a reduction in the water and energy consumption of the various production stages. In particular, it must be possible to treat waste water internally, for example by setting up a wastewater treatment plant.

Social criteria of the GOTS label

GOTS uses the same conditions as the International Labour Organisation to determine the social criteria to be met. This organic certification therefore only certifies companies that offer safe work to their employees, without child labour, without any discrimination or with freedom of association.

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Toxicity and quality requirements

In addition to environmentally friendly production, it is also expected that production will be human friendly. For example, GOTS prohibits materials that have a negative impact on the health of the consumer. The label has a reference list of substances that are hazardous to health, such as endocrine disruptors, GMOs and heavy metals. No ammonia or chlorine treatments must therefore appear, otherwise the label will be in the red in terms of consumer health. Also, the quality of the garment is carefully studied in terms of its resistance to washing and daily use.

GOTS certification is not the easiest to obtain, which is why it is so important to obtain it. There are still many ecological, health and social criteria to qualify. We advise you to go directly to the website for further information or to call on our services directly for personalised support.

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