What is Slow Fashion ?

In opposition to Fast Fashion

By definition, Slow Fashion is the opposite of Fast Fashion. But what exactly does Fast Fashion mean? This movement is defined by making clothes and accessories available to the largest possible number of people at affordable and ultra-competitive prices. But this comes at a cost, much higher than the low prices displayed in shops.

Now the second most polluting industry in the world, the textile industry is characterised by mass production and consumption, over-exploitation of human resources, excessive degradation of natural resources, quality left aside in favour of quantity, loss of identity in the face of uniformity of style, and so many other catastrophic consequences for us humans as well as for our planet.

So many harmful criteria that push consumers and producers to question themselves. The environmental crisis is present and this is how an opposition movement was born: Slow Fashion.

Why Slow Fashion? 

Literally meaning “slow fashion”, Slow Fashion is based on the principle of responsible consumption and production. It reverses the codes of globalisation and highlights a genuine desire to participate in the ecological transition and a desire to return to simple things. Characterised in particular by an emphasis on small-scale and local production and sustainable products, this movement gives rise to a real sense of identification among consumers.

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The brand/customer relationship takes on a whole new meaning, emphasising trust and shared values. People no longer buy a jacket for its low price and its trendy side, they consume it for the brand’s history and its quality.

The key principle of Slow Fashion is based on four main pillars: fewer products, fewer collections, less consumption and fewer points of sale. All of this is driven by an increased interest in the quality of the offer.

How to consume slow fashion? 

Because every little step counts, you can participate in the Slow Fashion movement in your daily life. Buy beautiful pieces that will last you not just a few months, but a few years. Go back to basics and sort out your wardrobe to purify it. Did you know that on average ¾ of your wardrobe is unused?

You can do something about it: buy products from transparent, eco-responsible, innovative brands such as upcyclingor get serious about the second-hand market. There are endless ways to consume sustainably, we assure you!

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