What is textile sourcing?

Definition of Textile Sourcing 

In the corporate world, particularly in the purchasing sector, sourcing corresponds to the process of researching, locating and evaluating suppliers through careful prospecting. With an active and general approach, the main role of this action is to identify suppliers and products likely to meet a need. After a thorough work, moving from the espresso of needs to the analysis of the market, sourcing makes it possible to find products a the best quality/ price ratio and in the best time.

Textile sourcing,  on the other hand, corresponds to the process of sourcing in the textile industry. From Fabrics to packaging, everything goes. In a hyper-competitive market driven by a constant renewal af supply, the clothing industry has allowed itself to be overtaken by a more important cost management than the quality of the products. We are now witnessing a profound change in textile sourcing, which is gradually moving towards more responsible and innovative sourcing.

The ecological challenges of textile sourcing

The second most polluting industry in the world, the textile industry is becoming aware of the dramatic impact of its production on the environment.Faced with a broad consumer response, businesses are looking to produce better and more responsibly.

Thus textile sourcing takes on a strategic dimension and advocates, not a search for the maximum margin, but a search for eco-responsible and innovative products. All this, with the aim of integrating new materials into the textile production cycle to create the clothes of the wardrobe of tomorrow. 

Textile sourcing then makes it possible to find ecological alternatives to synthetic fibres of petroleum origin and traditional hides of animal origin by innovative materials such as fabrics in recycled products or based on vegetable raw materials.

Greeny Bird Dress,  an innovative textile sourcing firm

Since 2017, our sourcing firm has been offering innovative sourcing to companies and brands in the textile sector. Totally personalized, our goal is to provide a concrete response in terms of creativity, innovation and competitiveness. Greeny Bird Dress  supports companies in the development of innovative and environmentally friendly products.

With continuous and diligent work, we support companies in sourcing eco-responsible materials, recycling and entering a circular economy. As ethical sourcing is an important differentiating factor, Greeny Bird Dress challenges fashion codes and offers you the opportunity to innovate, responsibly.

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