Women value comfort above all else when it comes to lingerie

The desire to free oneself from the injunctions of traditional lingerie is reflected in the search for comfort: one no longer seeks to modify the effect of one’s breasts but to accept them.

Customers are increasingly interested in models without underwire. And models with cups are no longer as popular as they used to be. For 73% of women, the ideal bra does not have a cup (1).

Previously reserved for small breasts, today’s triangle bra provides support and comfort. Princesse tam.tam‘s new “Feel Good” lingerie collection emphasises this dual need by offering triangles, without underwire, up to E & F cups.

Another trend in this quest for ultimate comfort is seamless technology. In addition to its extensibility, seamless provides a second skin effect. Mostly composed of synthetic microfibres, seamless is also available on cotton.

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Finally, the no-bra movement, which has been timidly gaining momentum in recent years, broke out during the confinement: 84% of women say they abandoned their bras during this period(2). Often considered uncomfortable (75% of women do not like to feel the presence of their bra and 45% take it off when they go home) (3), the bra is also considered a norm anchored in our society. It standardizes the breasts to make them conform to the beauty standards of the time and above all to hide the nipples, a more than taboo area for women. The no-bra would allow us to free ourselves from all these injunctions. You should know that 7% of women say they hardly ever wear a bra (4). So what do you think?

Photo credit : https://www.instagram.com/p/B8g_hMYIaZM/?utm_source=ig_embed

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